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Subject: Vboy HELP!!
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boysk8r 25.12.08 - 12:32pm
Hey. Am kinda new to this n i cant figure out how to start my gameboy game grandtheft.zip which i have just downloaded.I have zipman,vboy and Fexplorer installed on my Nokia N70. Please help me! *

nttkd 25.12.08 - 05:36pm
Depending on which vboy u have, all u have 2 do is open the zip file and choose open the game in zipman then it wil self install itself *

boysk8r 26.12.08 - 06:42pm
Where do i get good roms? *

nttkd 28.12.08 - 07:17am
Right here in this group under links or if u have operamini go to doperoms . Com *

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