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Subject: @ emu games request @
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aka4u 5.04.08 - 04:54pm
hi guys if u want any games that u did'nt find in the links then u can request here the links *

dumb_boy 20.05.08 - 05:02am
Dont want games bt wad file 4 doom ps help ,iam using os 8 *

aka4u 20.05.08 - 05:52am
bro just go to the links and search cdoom there and u would get all the doom games *

frndsluv 30.05.08 - 11:51am
Can you tell me what is emulator? *

aka4u 30.05.08 - 02:30pm
bro emulator r software that r use to play games which normally our mobile dosen't support(symbian) the games of these emulator r called roms there r many emulators and roms *

ebok26 3.06.08 - 12:48pm
hw cn i use c2doom emu 4 v3? *

aka4u 4.06.08 - 05:18am
ya bro u can use c2doom for v3 *

campezi 30.06.08 - 12:50pm
king of fighters 97 for picodrive!!! Or should i download another emulator? *

kylos00 30.06.08 - 11:56pm
can u plz upload da link for pokemon dungeon rescue for vbag agen..da one u hav isnt working *

aka4u 5.07.08 - 03:25am
sorry u all for not replying as i was not ol i would search for ur request *

emski22 20.09.08 - 03:31am
Good work bro cheers.GIF - anychance of scrabble and scrabble blast and or monopoly please? For vbag preferably.. Thanks... *

azeak 29.09.08 - 04:17pm
i would have helped but i am busy with my studies and helping in building new site for my buddy chandu if u have time visit www.aiostop.com
and i am need of new mod who would upload games i would give them 2gb storage space *

kayflow1 1.10.08 - 03:06pm
help.GIF pls i need your honest opinion here, what emulator and rom do u think works best on a phone like 6600? Tried pico and vbag but d games look wack! Any suggestions pls? *

azeak 7.10.08 - 05:19pm
bro for 6600 picodrive is good try wwe rom for pico u can play doom also but it would hang as ur phone have less ram *

azeak 7.10.08 - 05:21pm
bro u can use vnes 2 play classic games *

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